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From left to right: Ethan, Todd, and Lucas.

Ethan, Todd, and Lucas are three street kids in The NeverEnding Story.

They live in the city of De Forest, Washington, and frequently torment Bastian.

Ethan is played by Darryl Cooksey, Todd is played by Drum Garrett, and Lucas is played by Nicholas Gilbert.


The NeverEnding Story (1984)[]

These bullies only appear in the first film.

It is presumed these boys go to the same school as Bastian Bux.

The bullies show up at the beginning of the film, when Bastian is walking through downtown. They approach him and demand cash; he runs off, and they chase him down an alleyway. When they finally catch up to him and mug him, they realize he doesn't have any money, so they throw him into a garbage dumpster.

When Bastian gets out of the garbage dumpster, he runs into them again, and, threatening to throw him into the dumpster again, they give chase again, but lose him when he hides in K. Koreander's Antique Bookstore.

The bullies appear again at the end of the film, when they see Bastian riding Falkor, who proceeds to chase them. Scared, they run down the exact same alley they had chased Bastian into at the beginning of the film. Lucas gets knocked out when he trips on some garbage, while Ethan and Todd seek refuge in the same garbage dumpster they had thrown Bastian into.

Physical descriptions[]


Ethan has short blonde hair and blue eyes.

He wears a black leather zip-up jacket with white and red cuffs and bottle cap badges, a brown-and-white plaid flannel button-down shirt, a white t-shirt with red lettering, a red backpack, dark blue jeans, and white sneakers.


Todd has short brown hair and dark grey eyes.

He wears a blue denim shirt with bottle cap badges, a yellow-and-blue plaid flannel button-down shirt, a white t-shirt, a blue backpack, black jeans, and black-and-white Nike sneakers.


Lucas has short brown hair and green eyes.

He wears a red baseball cap, a white, blue, and yellow zip-up jacket with bottle cap badges, a red-and-white t-shirt with a red collar and v-shape at the throat, a black backpack, blue jeans, and silver sneakers with red soles.


  • The names of the bully characters are not credited in the film.
    • In the Limahl music video, Ethan and Todd's names are correctly credited, while Lucas's name is miscredited as "Timmy".