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A Giant.

Giants(also known as Gigantic Monsters, or The Mechanical Monsters) are the minions of Xayide, the human embodiment of The Emptiness.

They appear in The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter.


The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990)[]

The Giants first appear in Silver City, when they burst through the ground and chase Bastian Bux. Four of the Giants follow Bastian into an alleyway and corner him against the edge, only inches from reaching a lake of acid. One of the giants rams through a decorative arch several times, and while Bastian climbs up a rope with the help of Nimbly, it activates its spinning blades to try and cut the rope. To finish Bastian off, the giant rams all the way through the decorative arch, trips over the edge, and dissolves in the acid lake.

When Bastian and Atreyu arrive at Horok Castle, four giants stare at Bastian through the portcullis, while Atreyu retreats to activate a weapon. Bastian tries (and fails) to communicate with the Giants, who raise the portcullis and attempt to kill him. Atreyu activates the eggs, which release explosive wind-up toys that distract the Giants long enough for them to get away. Atreyu's foot is caught on the closing portcullis, and is caught by a giant.

Once inside, Bastian sees Atreyu hanging from a chain over a fiery shaft. As he tries to get Atreyu to safety, a Giant approaches them and cuts the chain, which frees Atreyu. Bastian and Atreyu wrap the chain around the Giant, and Bastian bumps it down the shaft.

Bastian and Atreyu find themselves surrounded by Giants, and, using the AURYN, Bastian wishes for a spray can, which he uses to blind two of them; one falls over and explodes, revealing them to be hollow shells.

After Bastian and Atreyu take Xayide hostage, Xayide uses her abilities to corrupt Bastian and cause him to kill Atreyu in a fight. After he realizes too late what he has done, Bastian takes off on Atreyu's horse Artax after Falkor the Luckdragon, who had taken Atreyu's body back to the Silver City. Xayide and the Giants descend into the ground, travelling at the speed of darkness, which is faster than the speed of light.

Xayide and the Giants arrive in the now heavily-corroded Silver City, and Xayide convinces Bastian to make his final wish, which would leave him without any memories. Bastian cleverly wishes for Xayide to have a heart, because the Emptiness has to be filled, not destroyed. Filled with newfound emotion, Xayide and the rest of the Giants explode in giant beams of light.

Physical description[]

The Giants are tall, black, crustacean-like creatures with horns and crab-like claws that activate spinning sickles. Their bodies are hollow and empty because they are creations of The Emptiness.

There are a total of 19 Giants.

Behind the Scenes[]

Bastian next to a giant.jpg

The Giants were played by 19 men from the Munich, Germany area: