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Grograman, The Many Colored Death (in original German, Graógaman, der Bunte Tod) is a character in Michael Ende's novel The Neverending Story


Grograman is the guardian of Goab, the Desert of of Colors, which exists in a state of symbiosis with Perilin the Night Forest, turning into an obsidian statue at night in order to allow Perilin to grow. 

Grograman is known as “The Many Colored Death” because he both has the ability to change color depending on the sand he is standing upon and everything, even the most powerful creatures, are reduced to ashes in his presence.

After the Childlike Empress, Grograman is the first creature Bastian meets when he arrives in Fantastica. Bastian can survive in his presence because the AURYN protects him.

Grogroman is said to "bring the desert with him" because he burns everything around him into sand. Bastian, who is made immune to this effect by the power of the AURYN, is the first being living to befriend him, so Grograman gives him the magical sword Sikanda.

Physical Appearance[]

Grograman is like a huge lion that changes colors like a chameleon based in the color of the sand he is walking on.