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Nimbly in the second movie.

Nimbly is a Fantastican creature in Michael Ende's novel The Neverending Story.


In the novel, Nimbly is a Fantastican creature that looks like a rabbit having feathers instead of fur.


The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990)[]

In the second film, Nimbly is portrayed by Martin Umbach.

Unlike the novel, Nimbly is a bird-like creature instead of a feathered rabbit-like creature.

Nimbly is a bumbling henchmen of Xayide, who sends Nimbly to falsely befriend Bastian and get him to make wishes with the AURYN, because Xayide has created a memory machine; every time Bastian makes a wish, he loses a memory. Nimbly does manage to help Bastian on multiple occasions, even rescuing him with a rope from the Giants.

While in the Enchanted Forest, Nimbly sees one of Bastian's memories involving his mother, who, while on her deathbed, tells Bastian, "we are all a part of a never-ending story, even if we die".

After Atreyu is accidentally killed by Bastian in a fight, he realizes what Xayide is doing to him and pursues Falkor, who has flown away with Atreyu's corpse. Tri-Face, one of Xayide's henchmen, blames Nimbly for Bastian learning the truth. By this point, Nimbly changes sides and flies off to find Bastian.

Nimbly finds Bastian unconscious in a desert and wakes him up, but Bastian doesn't trust him anymore because he was working with Xayide. Nimbly confesses that he saw one of Bastian's lost memories and tells Bastian "we are all a part of a never-ending story", and that if Bastian loses, the story will end.

Bastian asks Nimbly where Falkor is, and Nimbly tells him that he is at the Silver City, and shows him how to go there. When Bastian asks Nimbly if he's coming with him, Nimbly confesses that he is still a spy for Xayide, but says "he who spies and flies away lives to spy another day", before flying away.