The Swamp of Sadness.jpg
The Swamps of Sadness in the first film

The Swamps of Sadness is a location in Fantastica in Michael Ende's novel The Neverending Story.


Physical description

It is a barren swampland with quicksand-like mud pools. Anyone who becomes depressed while in the swampland sinks into the mud and drowns. When Atreyu and his horse Artax tread through the swamps, Artax becomes overcome by depression and drowns.

Behind the scenes

The Swamps of Sadness were filmed on Stage 1 at Bavaria Studios.


  • During filming, actor Noah Hathaway, who played Atreyu, was standing on the platform that lowered the horse that played Artax when it was raised back up. Hathaway's leg was caught between the floor and the platform, pulling him under the water. When the crew pulled him out, his leg was broken; Hathaway was rushed to the hospital.
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