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Tales from the Neverending Story is a 2001 Canadian TV series that is loosely based on Michael Ende's novel The NeverEnding Story.


Part 1[]

Bastian Balthazar Bux once had a normal childhood, but lost his sense of imagination and dove into technology, particularly the GameBoy. One day, as he is being dropped off at school, his mother Laura is critically injured in a car crash, which she later dies from. While this is going on, Bastian discovers The Neverending Story, a magical book in Coreander's Curiosities, and later has a dream where his mom tells him to pursue the book. As he reads, his imagination is reopened, and he immerses himself in the world of Fantasia, and the story of a boy named Atreyu, who is tasked by the dying Childlike Empress to save the world from her evil and corrupted sister Xayide the Dark Princess, who is determined to destroy the world. Bastian is also unaware that a Fantasian creature named Gmork had escaped the book, was responsible for the death of Bastian's mom, and has taken on the identity of substitute teacher L.C. Blank, who constantly torments Bastian throughout school, intentionally tampering with Bastian's schoolwork and giving him failing grades. Bastian and his friends Lucas Mancini and Marley Litinsky team up to defeat Mr. Blank by deleting his records from the school mainframe, sending him back to Fantasia, where he is punished by Xayide for his failure.

Part 2[]

Part 3[]

Part 4[]




In the United Kingdom, there were a total of 13 episodes, but in the United States, they were made into four made-for-television films:

  1. Tales from the Neverending Story: The Beginning (containing episodes 1-4)
  2. Tales from the Neverending Story: The Gift
  3. Tales from the Neverending Story: Badge of Courage
  4. Tales from the Neverending Story: Resurrection


Principal photography took place in Montréal, Québec, Canada, and lasted from December 2000 to August 2001.


  • The character of Marley Litinsky was partially named after Irene Litinsky, one of the producers.